5 clever ways to repurpose your website content

Repurposing your content not only gives it a new lease of life, but you can also enjoy the benefit of time saved. Content creation is time consuming and the prospect of having to create something from scratch can be enough to make you put it on the back burner.

If you have a piece of content that performed well and delivered value to your audience, you can use it again to re-engage them. Not only that, you could find yourself reaching a new audience.

Oh yes, we’re talking about the art of repurposing! It’s like giving your content a makeover and making it sparkle like never before. Plus, it saves you time and effort – a win-win situation!

When you dip your toes into the art of content repurposing, you’re taking that piece you’ve already crafted and giving it a magical makeover, transforming it into a whole new format. Picture this: you could turn that blog post that got a lot of comments into a captivating video, or perhaps weave an engaging series of social media posts from an email you wrote.

But here’s the real gem – when you repurpose your content across different mediums, you open the doors to a whole new audience. Each content type has its own type of enthusiasts – some love reading blog posts, others podcasts, while some prefer the visual feast of videos.

And guess what? By showcasing your content in various forms, you’re increasing your chances of success. You’re whisking your marvelous creation in front of fresh pairs of eyes, expanding your reach, and unlocking more opportunities to woo potential customers.

The beauty of repurposing lies in its simplicity. Your content is already there so no need to rack your brain for new ideas or start from scratch. With repurposing, it’s like a quick wardrobe change – a tweak here, a tweak there – and voilà! Your content is all set to conquer a new medium and engage a brand-new audience.

You might be wondering how you can repurpose your content to get the best results. Let’s go through the ways you can get the most out of your content.

Clever ways to reuse your content that are 🔥

5 clever ways to repurpose content

1. Turn your blog post into an ebook

Blog posts are fantastic for repurposing. You’ve got so much content in there that could enjoy a new lease of life, and an ebook is a fantastic way of doing that. Even better, if you have a blog series or posts that are linked together, you can create a more comprehensive ebook that visitors could download from your website.

2. Use your content for quotes on social media

If you have long form content like blog articles, the chances are there are some quotable sentences in there! Read through your existing content, and see what you could pull out and use as a Tweet. You could even get creative and overlay your quote onto a nice graphic and post it to Instagram.

3. Turn your content into video

The time spent planning and writing a script is a huge part of video creation. You’re halfway there if you repurpose old content! There are a lot of people who prefer watching videos instead of reading words on the screen, so this is the perfect chance to reach them. TIP: Make sure to include closed captions on your videos for people (like me) who watch videos, late late at night, without the sound on. And for those who are hard of hearing, accessible videos are so important these days! Check out our YouTube channel!

4. Create an infographic from your content

Do you have any content that’s based on statistics? Maybe you wrote a “how to” blog post that you could make an infographic out of. You can easily it on social media and in blog posts. People like infographics because they’re visually stimulating. You might need a designer to do this, but if you’ve got the content, you’re good to go!

5. Put together a recap newsletter

It’s a great way to repurpose a lot of content. Share the most popular content you’ve shared in the last week or month in a newsletter. By sending this newsletter out to your subscribers, you’ll potentially reach more people. You can subscribe to our newsletter (there’s a box to the right) where you do exactly this.


With these five tricks up your sleeve, you’ll never have to worry about that dreaded content creation void again. Repurpose, recycle, and reignite your content’s charisma – all while saving time and delighting your audience. Happy repurposing!

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with. In the meantime, me and Paige are going to hang out.



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