How to add emails to safe senders list in Gmail

Add emails to safe senders list in Gmail..

Are you tired of checking your spam filter in Gmail?

If you notice a larger amount of important emails in your spam folder, from friends, co-workers and even those subscriptions you meant to cancel but didn’t see the reminder, it can be really frustrating.

In the video below I’ve outlined a few easy steps to add emails to your safe senders list or whitelist in Gmail. It’s super short, informative and will take you to the next level of understanding the Gmail interface. You can also learn how to add emails to spam here.

YouTube video

Transcript below

Oh hi there. I’m going to show you how you can add my email address or any email address to your safe senders list in gmail. Just come up to the cog here click ‘all settings’, then ‘filters’ and ‘blocked addresses’ and create a new filter. Put in the email address that you want to add to your safe sender list

You can also click ‘has attachment’ in case I send something to you. That’s another way to ensure that it gets to you.

Some inboxes will filter out any emails that have attachments. Click ‘create filter ‘and ‘never send to spam’ you could also mark it as important if you like to and then create your filter. You’ll see the following filters are applied to all incoming mail matches from this address.

If you need to block, (hopefully you don’t block me) but if you do need to block someone you can also create a filter for. that. That’s all thank you so much and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

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