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About Us

Our Team is Dedicated to You

Who are We?

Lee-Anne BVio

Lee-Anne Ekland, CEO and Lead WordPress Web Designer & Developer

Lee-Anne started Proud Pup Media in 2018 with the vision to provide small business owners in her network the website services they need to grow their online presence and brands on the web. She’s an award-winning writer, deep thinker & lover of design & pretty much anything technical behind the scenes of WordPress.

FUN FACT! She used work in the spa industry and gave a mean facial but after becoming a mom, she ventured out to become an award-winning blogger over at Mom Paradigm where she developed a love for coding, web development & design.

Lee-Anne has a team of highly skilled people to help you achieve your WordPress website goals.

She’s still a writer, loves yoga & reading & spends her down time with Paige and family.

Aside from being a cutie, she’s a smarty. Born in Grand Forks, BC, she now resides in Edmonton with her family.

Her role as CCO at Proud Pup Media is to provide a deeper understanding of the work we do and the relationships we build with our clients. Her inspiration and overall support is second to none and while she’s not a developer or designer, she teaches us patience and the importance of balance and communication.

It’s important for Paige to enjoy time off from the stresses of her responsibilities here at Proud Pup Media to spend time with her beloved family pack.

All kidding aside, we hire out for bigger projects that include graphic design and deeper dives into website development so she can get a much needed rest from her duties.

Paige - Proud Pup Media CCO

Paige the Doodle, CCO & All Around Adventurous Girl​

We love to Plan

The tireless dedication we put into our work means that we’ll work with you to discover your unique business needs, looking at previous statistics and audience to create a strategy with you to deliver success.

We Love To Build

Our team puts their talents to work, creating gorgeous, high-quality solutions for your business website, ensuring lead generation and un uptick in your traffic.

We Love to Test!

We build, we debug, we test and then test some more. Our preparation and discovery process ensures your project exceeds your expectations.

We Love Simplicity

We stick to the basics of smart, thoughtful and minimalistic web design and development so your story shines through, and your products speak for themselves.

Your Vision. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

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"I was amazed how Lee-Anne handled the project and went above and beyond with her services and her attention to final detail. She exceeded my expectations and I would strongly recommend her."
Julie Steward

Meet Our Clients

we work for them

It may sound cliche but we couldn’t do it without them. We love our clients!

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