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Who we are, why we’re here and how we help humans with their websites.

Well, hello you!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me introduce myself and Paige, our CCO.

This is me (on the right ⬆️ ) self-proclaimed pack leader and web Designer.

Hey I’m Lee-Anne Ekland, founder of Proud Pup Media.

I built my first website back in 1997, the days of dial up internet connections and Microsoft Front Page. About ten years ago, after going to college to study fitness, health, psychology and then esthetics I took my love for web design to create my business.

I’m an artist at heart and a science geek so web design makes sense. I have always had a deep desire to combine the two worlds as it suits my Gemini personality. 

I’m all about functional design, where beauty meets purpose.

Why settle for one side of the coin when I can have the best of both worlds?

Read more below.

Why Web Design?

In essence, web design allows me to embrace my multifaceted nature, combining the best of both worlds — unleashing my creativity to satisfying my thirst for knowledge. It’s a fulfilling journey where I get to make a difference, one customer at a time, weaving together the threads of functional design, artistic expression, marketing and heartfelt connections.

Web design and SEO marketing satisfies my creative instincts while the need for research and analysis brings customers the results they need to grow their business. 

Gotta Problem? That's my Jam!

Embracing my nerdy side, I love problem-solving. I enjoy the challenge of finding innovative solutions, learning new technologies, and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

What fuels my passion even further is my genuine care for people.

My background in the spa industry has instilled in me the importance of attentive listening and offering advice and solutions if asked.

I deeply value human connections and take pride in creating websites that not only meet my clients’ needs but also leave them feeling satisfied and empowered.

It’s about understanding their goals, empathizing with their challenges, and delivering solutions that truly make a positive impact.

I’m also a massive Blue Jays fan. Go Jays Go!

Forever A Student.

Web design gives me the perfect outlet to unleash my creative, artsy mojo while satisfying my nerdy craving continuous learning.

I’m a forever student, love reading & spending down time with family and Paige, the Cutest Canine Officer ever!

This is me (on the right ⬆️ ) pack leader and web designer.

Paige, (in need of a haircut) our Cutest Canine Officer

Paige, CCO

Paige, the adorable smarty was born in Grand Forks, BCin 2017, and is now living in Edmonton, Alberta.

As the Muse and CCO (Cutest Canine Officer) at Proud Pup Media, Paige provides a unique perspective. She reminds us that client relationships are top priority. Her charm and fluffiness inspire the work I do every single day.

She’s the heart and soul of our team!

What Paige Does when she's not working.

It’s important for Paige to enjoy time off from her responsibilities here at Proud Pup Media, too. When she’s not chasing squirrels she’s sleeping or bonding with me and her beloved family pack.

Her hard work and innate understanding of letting things go (and learning new tricks for treats) inspires me every day.

Paige is a loyal girl and is always by my side. She reminds me to seek joy in being alive, downward dog, and making a difference in the lives of humans.


The Proud Pup Media Difference

We listen

  • We listen carefully to your business needs and goals.
  • We listen to you and your project needs and provide clear and effective communication throughout the design and development of your website. We’ll provide regular updates along the way and answer any questions you have.
  • We pride ourselves on our listening skills, (some of us have better hearing that others, woof!) so we still take cues from our CCO in that department.

We Go above and Beyond

Do you need a web designer that puts customer service and experience at the top of the list? We pride ourselves on best-in-show customer experience and want you to succeed!

We Deliver Exceptional Results on Time

Do you need your project delivered on time and within budget? We pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding your expectations.

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Located in Edmonton, Alberta, serving all of North America.

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Located in Edmonton, Alberta, serving all of North America.

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