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About Paige

Our Chief Canine Officer

Paige - Proud Pup Media CCO

Paige the Australian Labradoodle


November 26th 2017

Paige comes from a long line of Australian Labradoodles, and is a mini! That means she comes in at about 20 pounds, soaking wet!

She's a Smarty

Aside from being pretty cute, she is the inspiration behind Proud Pup Media. Paige teaches patience, kindness and an eagerness to please, that is so irresistable!


She's Adventurous

Connecting with nature and her human

Paige always takes the time to connect with nature and her favourite human.

It’s important for her to enjoy time off from the stresses of being the only Chief Canine Officer herer at Proud Pup Media and solo companion of her family pack.

Born is Grand Forks, British Columbia but raised in Vancouver, she now resides in Edmonton, Alberta where there are plenty of opportunities to run wild & get dirty in the gorgeous River Valley.

You’ll also see her running alongside her other favourite human’s bicycle from time to time.

She's social!

Connect with Paige!

Paige CCO at Proud Pup Media
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