Covid-19: Changing the way we work

Covid-19 Web Design Consultation


Are you open during Covid-19?

Yes we are!

We’ve been in business since 2017 and are fortunate that we’ve always worked virtually. We love to meet with clients in person when we can to share a coffee and brainstorm web design projects, search engine optimization strategies etc. and hope we can do that again soon, once it’s safe we’ve all gotten our booster shots and the Delta variant has been obliterated. Until then, it’s virtual business as usual. We work 9-5 most days during the week, and more when we’re sprinting on a project.

Changing the way we work.

Since this post eleven months ago and now nearly two years into this pandemic, the demand for web design and website services has skyrocketed as businesses pivot online. With that comes pressure to create the best web design and web sites quickly which hasn’t felt stressful at all. It’s been a lot of fun but it hasn’t been without its challenges.

The pandemic forced it and it’s all good.

Technology is shifting at such a rapid pace it’s hard to keep up sometimes but on the other hand, that’s what makes this industry fascinating. There are a lot more tools and tricks of the trade to ensure the websites we design and maintain remain fast, secure and optimized. I know you know all of this, but think about it. The shift to move businesses online was always coming, the pandemic just forced it upon us a few years sooner.

How has your business changed?

Clearly, businesses and consumers alike are still in the process of adapting to the ever-changing digital marketplace in the wake of COVID-19. Have you shifted your business perspective to include a wider online presence? If not, it’s not too late. In fact, if we’ve learned anything at all, it’s that online website marketing is growing exponentially and will continue to do so for many years to come. Change and adaptation will continue to be critical for small business’ like yours especially, if they hope to capture the attention of current and future customers.

 Canberk Arinci, Digital Agency Network

Change is the Only Constant.

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said, “Change is the only constant in life.” We embrace this mantra nearly every day, especially during this unprecedented time in our lives as we’ve been forced to look at things differently. We hope that you embrace it wholeheartedly too when planning the future of your business.

With that said, we’ve introduced Floomit, a fun? new tool to improve communications with clients. It does away with tracking email threads, text messages and Messenger messages and centralized feedback in one place on your website. It is less stressful, more secure and way more efficient than trying to keep track of where all those messages are. You can comment on any section or element on a page, assign someone a task, upload images and PDFs for immediate use, and approve design changes on a single page or an entire project. It’s been a game changer for our workflow processes.

One Thing that hasn’t Changed.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to customer service. Proud Pup Media is just a sticky note, email or phone call away.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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