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Get to know Paige, our CCO
Life Quotes

Mondays, Inspired #2 ~ #doglifequotes

Our COO is a social girl Follow Paige on Instagram! She’s a dirty, dirty dog. The biggest and dirtiest puddles are her domain …and we love her just the same. #doglifequotes #PaigeUpdate

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Paige Puppu
Paige Update

On Web Development and Teaching a New Pup Old Tricks

Now that I’m out from under a few projects that we’ve been working on it’s time to update you on what’s been going on over here. The recently published post, WordPress is good and bad for websites got me thinking about all there is to know about working in web development and

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Dog mama

I am FINALLY a Dog Mama

I can’t believe we finally got ourselves a dog. And not just any dog, but a freakin’ puppy. This sweetie is an 11-week-old 3 month old Australian Labradoodle named Paige. (We changed the spelling from PK Page, named after a famous author. Our 7 year-old-son has been asking, no begging,

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